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Environmental issues and concerns are no secret these days and awareness about human impact on the environment is rising. The construction and demolition of buildings contributes up to 40% of all solid waste disposed of in landfills throughout Australia. This amounts to 8 million tonnes of waste every year. While some building companies are slow to react, at Green Edge we have taken the initiative by closely examining the negative environmental impact of existing construction methods and committing to an alternative approach.

What is a 'Green' Home?

A green home is, put simply, more environmentally friendly when compared with a standard home. This means that once completed it will use less energy, less water, create less waste and be a healthier environment for its inhabitants. We are taxing our environment heavily with regards valuable resources such as water and energy, so by building a more efficient home you will be making a positive difference to the world around you. Added to this, a 'green' building approach commits to maintaining these same values when undertaking the construction of the home itself by cutting down on waste and removing unsafe materials.  Energy Costs are rising, as is the impact of human life on the environment. Thus taking a ‘green’ approach to building is a commitment to a cleaner future. Building a 'green' home along sustainable lines is an investment in a smarter tomorrow.

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The Green Edge Difference

In constructing our houses, we use 'green' materials so our homes are always safe for occupants. Our operational practices are well informed and we work to significantly reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the environment which can arise from the process of construction. We also build more efficiently which cuts down on waste while simultaneously aiming to create long standing buildings. Most importantly, our designs promote efficient energy use, which will help you to cut down your carbon footprint. An energy efficient home will not only be much more comfortable for you to live in, but will also grace you with the long term financial benefits which come from the reduction of ongoing running costs.

The Australian Government, in association with various commissions and authorities are already helping to push the building industry in the right direction through their six star energy ratings initiative. The move toward cleaner energy and waste reduction is a trend that we at Green Edge wholeheartedly embrace. For us, the six star energy rating is a great benchmark to aim for with every home we build. If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact both during construction and into the future, we are always happy to talk about the benefits of the 'green' approach to building.

Choose a 'green' home for the future and choose Green Edge Builders today.

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