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About Green Edge Builders

Green Edge Builders is a small building firm operating primarily in Melbourne's “Green Wedge.” The majority of our clients come from Melbourne's North, North-East and South-East, however we're not limited to working in these areas. We know there is a shift in Melbourne and other major cities toward sustainable and environmentally friendly housing. Therefore we strive to bring our extensive knowledge and skills in this area to each of our clients. This combined with our custom approach means that we always deliver what our clients want.

Home Renovations

Company directors Tysen Hose and Aaron Bonning have a combined 20 years of experience in the construction industry and have worked in a vast number of building & design related fields. From small domestic jobs, to large commercial builds, right through to government infrastructure initiatives, The Green Edge team have volumes of expertise and experience that is sure to prove instrumental on your next build.

Both skilled and accomplished craftsmen in their trained field of carpentry Tysen and Aaron started Green Edge to pursue further accomplishments in the building and construction industry. They've set themselves a high standard in both design and custom building and their rewards come in meeting the challenge of each new build. This means when you choose Green Edge Builders, you're not just paying for someone with a building practitioners license, who employs tradesmen hoping that they know what they're doing. You're paying for a highly experienced, fully qualified building team who knows their trade from top to bottom. Not only that, you're paying for work from a company whose passion is creating quality builds.

When all these attributes are combined, the outcome for our clients is a well managed, on-time, on-budget building experience. That's the Green Edge guarantee! Only the highest quality and skilled tradesmen are used on our jobs, a statement we don't make lightly. We achieve great results by applying stringent monitoring and quality control checks across the whole project. We are fully licensed, fully insured, and our health and safety procedures are firmly in place. As a small company, our reputation grows with each and every one of our builds so rest assured that when you choose Green Edge Builders you will be choosing one of the finest and most committed building firms Melbourne has to offer.

The 'GREEN' in Green Edge

As custom builders, we work with our clients to draft the plans for their new home. Throughout the process we always suggest where and how a new home can be constructed along environmentally sound lines.

Across years of working in building and construction, we've experienced the vast waste the industry can generate and how poorly thought through designs or inefficient practices can lead to unsatisfactory results. In starting our own enterprise we set firm principles for ourselves.

We would build houses to the best of our knowledge and skill and we would also take the 'green' approach. We decided to take this approach to meet growing demand from people who want efficient, sustainable and environmentally aware construction and design for their homes. We always work to cut down unnecessary waste and minimise or eliminate the use of environmentally unsound materials.

For more on our 'green' building practices please see the Environmental page.

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